Is this course for me? 

This course will benefit everyone involved in Scrum projects: Scrum Masters, team members, engineers, project managers, product managers and line managers. 

Do I need some experience? 

No, this course does not require any previous knowledge or experience in Scrum. Both people new to Scrum as people with experience in Scrum will find great value in this training. 


We will apply Scrum to run this course, so it will be fun and the content will be adapted to your specific needs. What we will definitely cover: 

  • The Agile values, principles, culture and mindset 
  • Complex systems and empirical approaches 
  • The Scrum framework and all its elements 
  • The Scrum roles and responsibilities 
  • The Scrum meetings and how to facilitate them effectively 
  • Servant leadership, facilitation and coaching skills 
  • Initiation of Scrum projects, how to get started in an optimal way 
  • Requirements in Scrum and managing the Product Backlog 
  • Agile estimation and planning, tracking progress and value 
  • The Agile Organization: how to implement Scrum in your own organization 
  • Scaling Scrum and distributed Scrum (optional) 

Check our FAQ page for more information 

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