Our story 

iLean was founded in 2009 out of a passion for changing the world of work. We wanted to bring more effectiveness and humanity into teams, by guiding organizations in their Agile journey. Initially, we did this by working on Agile product development and project management; often within IT departments and IT teams, but also outside this branch. 

We became excited about facilitating the Agile mindset, both at management level and within teams, and guiding them through a real, substantial change. 

Over the years, we have grown into an immensely passionate team of +15 experienced coaches and trainers who support companies of all sizes in their development processes towards being more agile. 

iLean is also part of the digital ecosystem Bluu

Our mission 

“Agile Impact. Inside out.” 

It’s our tagline, our mission, but what does it mean? 

Agile impact 

We strive to make a substantial impact because we don’t believe in hollow buzzwords. We’re allergic to “fake agile” where managers or teams wrongfully think they are agile because they implemented an ‘agile tool’ or use post-its. To make a lasting, valuable impact, you need to adopt Agile as a mindset, a way of working, something that is connected within your core. 

Inside out 

To achieve real agile impact, your entire team and organization have to be drenched in it. When you adopt an agile mindset from the inside out, that’s when you can really make a difference. 

Our values 

  1. Aim for impact 
    We focus on the essential outcome and continuously evaluate progress. Not only for clients but also for ourselves. We co-create change and share our knowledge with each other and the client. 
  1. Act with integrity 
    We do what we say and say what we do. We always communicate openly and honestly, with respect for everyone. 
  1. Embrace “yes, and” 
    We prefer dialogue over debate. In doing so, we embrace new ideas and approaches. There are only lessons to be learned!  
  1. Care for people 
    People are at the heart of it all. We address any issues directly to the involved people and move on afterward. We support each other in times of need. 
  1. Pursue diversity 
    We respect and inquire about other views. We communicate in a non-violent way and embrace diversity in background, opinion, needs and intentions. We expect our colleagues and clients to do the same. 
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