OKRs at Mediahuis. An Agile Kitchen session summary

17 May 2023

On Tuesday, May 9th, we set up our Agile Kitchen at the Mediahuis headquarters in Antwerp for a joint session with Mediahuis on OKRs. Are you curious about the main takeaways of an evening on this fascinating subject? You’ll discover them here! Sailing Towards Success with OKRs iLean’s Frank Geelen and Geneviève Loriaux kicked off […]

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Does Agile mean no more planning or documentation?

21 April 2023

Does Agile mean no more planning or documentation? At iLean we have been passionate about Agile for a very long time already, and it is our mission to help as many people as possible discover the many advantages Agile can bring. Unfortunately, a few persistent misconceptions about Agile are restricting people’s openness to give Agile […]

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Acknowledge the tension you’re experiencing during meetings

17 February 2023

We all have different personalities, different ways of working, and different communication styles. This can really enrich the collaboration between colleagues and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a cause of irritation or frustration, but sometimes it can be. What to do when you feel the tension inside you build up with every meeting or […]

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Agile Kitchen at In the Pocket: a session about real business agility

16 December 2022

On December 6th we took our Agile Kitchen to beautiful Ghent, where we set up shop at the In The Pocket Headquarters for an evening with 2 inspirational speakers who shared many of their interesting insights. Because we were so enthusiastic about the evening, we are eager to share a short summary of this session. […]

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How the intention to experiment can trigger structural change

23 November 2022

We had the honour to coach a dynamic team of a large company on their journey towards change. It was a small team consisting of team members with tremendous potential. However, their potential could not fully blossom because their way of working was not organised in the most effective way to achieve optimal results. We […]

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