Agile Kitchen: A retrospective’s anti-patterns retrospective

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August 09 @ 18:00
Spoor 18

Agile Kitchen: A retrospective’s anti-patterns retrospective

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Are retrospectives vehicles for continuous improvement? Do you get the value out of retrospectives? We will facilitate a retrospective about retrospectives. Many teams are doing retrospectives. How productive are these? The session aims to discuss anti-patterns and understand how to prevent and deal with these. It’s more than a couple of techniques or formats to facilitate or entertain a retrospective. Let’s get to the essence of what retrospectives are about.

An example anti-pattern is the “Whack-a-mole” pattern, in which a team discusses and tries to improve everything that’s happening in a sprint, resulting in little or no improvements in the end. The improvement issues keep on popping up, and the more you try to improve little things, the more minor problems appear, without any structural improvements made in the end.

You participate by sharing your experiences, deep-dive in causes and exploring possible experiments to improve. We will guide the session, give examples of anti-patterns and add our insights. The primary purpose is to create a space where you can learn from your peers.

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June 24 @ 18:00
Spoor 18 - English

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