In-house Training

Get a clear understanding of Agile/Scrum and its effects on your strategy, management, and organization. Speak a common language and start a lasting change.

A fresh start with Agile/Scrum 

Your teams have already been working with Agile/Scrum (for a long time), and as executives, you want to confirm that choice explicitly. It’s time to explore what Agile/Scrum means for your organization and strategy. 

In this executive workshop, we use exercises to make your expectations and their implications explicit and make valuable connections. Get the answers to: 

  • What is Agile, and is it applicable to your organization? 
  • When do you apply Agile, and where are the limits? 
  • What are the effects of Agile at the executive level? 
  • How do you align different interpretations? 
  • How do you correct wrong assumptions/reflexes? 

The results of this training 

  • Start a lasting change | Agile/Scrum can transform your organization and engage everyone in the strategy if applied correctly. It is not just an efficiency tool but a powerful change tool. This training will help you realize that, take it more seriously, and act on it. 
  • Speak a common language| Your organization and team will move forward because you’ll speak the same language. You will discuss goals and issues, such as loyalty, motivation, and business agility, with Agile/Scrum as a common language.  
  • See the effects immediately| You will better understand what Agile/Scrum is really about, what the effects are, and where the added value for your organization lies. 

Let’s get practical 

This in-house training (3-4 hours) can be organized in Dutch, English or French. Max 14 participants. Topics covered: 

  • Agile principles and values 
  • Team Assumptions model assessment 
  • The Scrum framework, elements, and interactions (roles, events, and artifacts) 
  • The Agile and Scrum Adoption Process in your organization 
  • Team dynamics, Cultural change, and the role of management 
  • Return on Investment (ROI) 
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