Tuesday, December 14th, 2021: Launch our first Agile Kitchen Session!

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021: Launch our first Agile Kitchen Session!

What a fantastic session it was to kick off! 

Let’s start with the beginning. We have been looking at ways to engage the agile community in our knowledge sharing. After many internal brainstorms, we came up with “Agile Kitchen”. In this way, we want to provide delicious dishes to everyone’s liking and give you a stage to share your signature dish of knowledge.

As a starter, we shared how the community will gather and cook different ‘dishes’ together. Next, local chefs, Kris and Vincent, asked us to list specific indicators and why we are measuring these indicators. It gave us a good overview of how we think differently as coaches. It led to some fascinating discussions and gave some great insights.  

As a takeaway from this session, we noted that setting some feedback loops for short and long terms is essential. If we think about it, we must consider whether these feedback loops are more product-focused or operational team-focused. The most crucial insight is to look at each situation’s context. 

Another thing we should look at is the build trap. Are the products or services we offer to our stakeholders output or outcome driven? This insight was the most powerful idea of the session.  

We often want to work so badly on knowing the whole context. That is why we get output instead of the outcome we want to achieve and measure. Someone buying a drill does not want a drill. This person wants holes in the wall.

Are you an Agile enthusiast interested in connecting and engaging with others, improving your skills co-creating ideas, AND helping fellow coaches do the same? Then perhaps you would like to join our community! We hope we inspired other chefs to attend and give future community topic sessions.  

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