Free Webinar ‘Are you struggling to make Agile work?’

December 05 @ 12:30

Free Webinar ‘Are you struggling to make Agile work?’

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Which struggles are preventing you from making progress? Do the following pains feel very familiar to you?

“We always deliver late!”
”Customers are unhappy with what we deliver!”
”Change hurts!”
”We have no idea what we can deliver when!”
”We have no clue what everyone is working on!”

We have developed an Agile Capability map to visualize what Agile impact means, what problems you are experiencing and what capabilities you need to develop for making Agile work. With this map, we want to share our experiences and insights that might inspire you to deal with those problems and where to start, so you can start moving forward.

What you will learn?

We will share the Agile Capability Map that will help you identify the opportunities that can make a real Agile impact in your organization. It will help you find opportunities for learning based on where you are now and where you want to make an impact first.

The following topics will be covered during this webinar:

  1. Build effective teams – What assumptions lay behind Agile teams and how are they reflected in your organization?
  2. Deliver value predictably – In what sense is Agile predictability a paradox? How can you tell whether your organization stepped into the pitfall of the Estimation Paradox?
  3. Communication with impact – How are conversations central to solving complex business challenges? How generative are your conversations?
  4. Focus on the customer, relentlessly – How do you know if you stepped into the build trap? Do you live Agile Principle nr 1: “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.”?
  5. Integrate learning cycles – How can you assess the quality of your feedback loops? How is your daily work integrated with your iteration goals, and how are the iteration goals integrated with your quarterly strategic goals?

Join this webinar to learn how to use the Agile Capability Map in your context.


Meeting ID: 867 3106 3961
Passcode: 751127

  • Live webinar by Kris Philippaerts and Frank Geelen
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We can’t wait to see you there!

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