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July 12 @ 17:30
Spoor 18

Facilitation is an art, brush up on your skills / Agile Kitchen

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On July 12th, it is time for another exciting session in our Agile Kitchen! This session will be held at the beautiful location of Spoor 18 in Mechelen.

We are very excited to announce that none other than Artur Margonari and Johan Decoster will facilitate (pun intended) a session on Facilitation. Do you feel stuck and are you eager for new insights that will make your facilitation skills next level? Are you curious about your co-facilitators’ experiences and how they deal with challenges? Then this Agile Kitchen session is exactly right for you!

Interactive and to the point

Artur Margonari is Agile Coach, enthusiastic public speaker, Facilitator, and also a musician. Johan Decoster is trainer and Agile Coach at iLean and of course, an engaged facilitator. They will bring all their experience and charisma to ensure you experience an engaging and very interactive session on Facilitation.

Artur and Johan will kick off the evening by sharing some real-life stories from their experience with facilitation. The great experiences and successes but also – and maybe more importantly –  the bad experiences.

They will stimulate the group to share their successes and challenges as well, to share experiences in order to learn from the wisdom of the group!

The attendees will then have the opportunity to discuss in smaller groups their experiences with facilitation:

  • What do you find difficult?
  • What makes you feel uncomfortable?
  • What are some unexpected successes you experienced?

Facilitation Tinder

Time to share these insights with the whole group and gain inspiration on how to match the good experiences or solutions to the bad situations you have encountered before.

A “Facilitation Tinder” in a way 🙂

Johan and Artur want you to have practical and concrete takeaways from this evening. Small changes that can turn out to be a great help. They want to help you expand your Facilitator’s toolbox.

Do you want to discuss your challenges and/or blocking points in facilitation and do you want to share many insights with your peers?

Claim your seat today and don’t miss out on this session by 2 top facilitators. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you there!

Agenda for the evening:

17:30: the evening starts with welcoming refreshments
18:00: interactive session with Artur & Johan
20:00: wrap up of the evening with a drink and the opportunity to network

Other dates for this training

June 24 @ 18:00
Spoor 18 - English

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