Agile Kitchen: When agility meets reality – Comic Agilé

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June 01 @ 16:30

Agile Kitchen: When agility meets reality – Comic Agilé

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FREE online event – join and win the book!

On June 1st, we will welcome the massively popular Comic Agilé for an online Agile Kitchen session! The creators Luxshan and Mikkel will take us through a visual and provocative journey of agile anti-patterns and misunderstandings, told through their tragi-comic strips.

As we like a bit of playfulness, we have decided to add a CHALLENGE for this session:

– the session will only take place if we get to 100 session registrations!
– if you are actually present in the session, you’ll have a chance to win one of the 10 copies of the equally witty and insightful book ‘Comic Agilé – volume 1’!
Not to be missed! So claim your seat right now!

More on Comic Agilé:

Mikkel and Luxshan’s mission is to expose what happens when agility meets reality. During their talk, the duo will emphasize how to avoid the depicted mistakes, so we can reflect on our current agile practices and learn how to improve them.

The huge popularity of Comic Agilé led the two partners-in-crime to the publishing of a book with their strips and advice on how to manage the anti-patterns, paradoxes and misunderstandings that inevitably occur when everyone wants to be “agile”, but nobody wants to make the needed changes.

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June 24 @ 18:00
Spoor 18 - English

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