Agile Kitchen: How to make your organisation really thrive?

It’s simple: iLean’s Agile Kitchen is about Agile and people! Every 6 weeks we gather around one or more Agile topics for interactive learning sessions and knowledge sharing. Check out the different sessions below:

December 06 @ 17:00
Headquarters In The Pocket Gent

Agile Kitchen: How to make your organisation really thrive?

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On December 6th, our kitchen will be bumbling with activity because we will have not 1 but 2 speakers during this cooking session! We are very excited to welcome Christophe Rosseel and Sander Hoogendoorn to the Agile Kitchen that will move for the occasion to the In The Pocket headquarters in Ghent!

What’s on the agenda?

First up is Christophe Rosseel and he will bring his insights as Managing partner at In The Pocket (ITP). As a services company, In The Pocket has built digital products for a variety of clients: from SaaS scale-ups that have agile in their DNA to established enterprises where agile is a decade-long experiment in the basement. As ITP’s client-facing lead Christophe has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of agile “implementations”.

In fact, when companies introduce “agile”, their actual goal is business agility: the ability to learn faster than their competitors. It is the ultimate competitive advantage: embracing change and learning allows organizations to thrive in today’s VUCA environment. Or so the story goes. In reality, many companies have been surprised to discover that agile
methodologies do not automatically translate to business agility.

Why not? What is preventing companies from internalizing this skill? And what circumstances does it take for business agility to emerge? During this interactive and practical session Christophe will talk about this topic that has been fascinating him for a long time. He will handle the first principles of organizing complex systems and then go on to relate them to more concrete domains such as team topologies, Conway’s law, and how to keep humans engaged.

Afterwards you will be able to share your feedback, questions and suggestions. Christophe will conclude his part of the evening with a Fishbowl session.

Next up is a short break after which Sander Hoogendoorn will kick off the second part of this Agile Kitchen session. Sander is an independant dad, consultant, software craftsman, architect, programmer, coach, personal mentor, speaker, trainer, writer and traveler. He is seasoned in (beyond) agile, Scrum, Kanban, continuous delivery, (no) software estimation, agile requirements, design patterns, web development, domain driven design, UML, software
architecture, microservices, and writing beautiful code.

In this interactive session he will talk about Techboards, Collectives and Microteams at iBOOD. About close collaboration in times of pandemics and continuous change…

Sander changes organizations and teams and coaches them to optimize their processes, practices, architecture, code and tests, currently as chief technology officer at ANVA, previously as the CTO for a well-known Dutch insurance company and as global agile thought leader at Capgemini. Sander authored best-selling books such as Microservices. A practical guide, The Continuous Culture, This Is Agile and Pragmatic Modeling with UML and published hundreds of articles in international magazines. He is an inspiring (keynote) speaker at international conferences, he presented hundreds of (in-house) training courses and lectured at many universities.
Sander is well known for his enthusiasm and motivational capabilities, innovative skills, team building, deep knowledge of the field, quick adaptation, broad vision, and collaborative skills. An open personality, eager, driven, out-of-the-box thinker. He is not afraid of trying out new paths and techniques and has never been a nine-to-fiver. Having new ideas is a 24/7 process. That makes him the perfect speaker for this Agile Kitchen session!

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June 24 @ 18:00
Spoor 18 - English

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