Agile Kitchen: ‘Team Topologies. Unblock your flow with a holistic view on people and organization, their interconnected behavior and capabilities’.

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December 07 @ 18:00
Spoor 18

Agile Kitchen: ‘Team Topologies. Unblock your flow with a holistic view on people and organization, their interconnected behavior and capabilities’.

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Thursday December 7th | 18.00h – 20.00h
Spoor 18, Mechelen

It’s the last Agile Kitchen of the year, so join us on December 7th to find out everything on Team Topologies! The session is led by Esther Dekeyser and Erica Engelen, both Business Agility Coach at Devoteam, and Stef Cuisinier, organizational Coach, Trainer & Advisor at reBoot.

Maybe you have already introduced new technologies in your organization, changed your structure (renamed existing roles) or created new processes to optimize flow? And maybe you haven’t seen the desired results?

We believe Team Topologies can unblock your flow and trigger real Agile impact.

What can you expect?

During this session, you’ll dive into the world of Team Topologies, a practical library of patterns for organizational design and team interactions. It is created by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, authors of the book “Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for fast flow”.

This model helps you to understand team patterns and interactions, and facilitates in choosing the right team patterns for your organization. 

Why Team Topologies?Team Topologies is more than yet another approach; it’s a major step forward in organizational design. By understanding and implementing the patterns outlined in this library, you transform inter-team challenges into valuable signals for your organization. 
So don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your organization’s approach to quality delivery and optimal flow. 😉

Next to a short theoretical recap of Team Topologies, you will get to work with a simulation, where elements like organizational structure, people’s cognitive load, Conway’s law and organizational sensing will play a role.

It will be an interactive session as usual, offering a fresh perspective on “organizational flow” and providing you with a holistic view and a toolbox filled with practical tips and tricks.

What you’ll learn:

  • You’ll learn how to identify blockers of Flow that prevent your organization from delivering quality better and faster.
  • You’ll experience hands-on how you can solve those blockers and discuss with each other the best practices to do so.
  • We’ll provide insights into the team topologies, the interactions, and the flow of value you’ll want to consider when looking at your organization.
  • You’ll leave with a fresh and holistic way of looking at Flow and a toolbox filled with practical knowledge, tools, and vocabulary. 

Questions anyone?

After the session, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions and discuss your struggles with the group and the facilitators during our very interactive Q&A, followed by a well-deserved drink to end the evening.

Agenda for the evening:

18:00 The evening starts with sandwiches and drinks
18:30 Interactive session 
20:00 Q&A and wrap up of the evening with a drink and the opportunity to network

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June 24 @ 18:00
Spoor 18 - English

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