Agile Kitchen: Sailing towards success with OKRs: the Mediahuis case

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May 09 @ 18:00
Mediahuis (Antwerpen)

Agile Kitchen: Sailing towards success with OKRs: the Mediahuis case

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Join us in our Agile Kitchen on May 9th for a session on OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). We teamed up with Mediahuis for this session, and we are delighted that they have opened up their offices in beautiful Antwerp for this Agile Kitchen session. During this session, we will take you through the fascinating matter of OKRs, and Mediahuis will explain how they work with OKRs and will take you along their OKR journey in detail.

Why we teamed up with Mediahuis for this Agile Kitchen session? First of all, we feel privileged to have been allowed to guide Mediahuis in their transition to take their OKR process to the next level. They had already achieved very nice results but wanted to learn from their mistakes and pitfalls and really move forward. That is where we stepped in to guide them further.

We also love their mindset, with which they let us support them in this process. They have an unquenchable thirst for improvement, a genuine learning attitude, a will to engage all parties involved, and to reach out to technology. They use OKRs not just to set their objectives but also to bring their IT and business closer together. They want to combine forces moving forward together. And that is why they were the perfect candidates for an Agile Kitchen session on OKRs.

What can you expect?

Introduction to OKRs

First, our own Geneviève Loriaux and Frank Geelen will kick off the evening with a very interactive introduction to OKRs, an effective goal-setting tool that will enable you to communicate what you want to achieve and what is needed in order to do so. They will first set the base and dig deeper into this fascinating matter.

Because every team and transformation can benefit from the capability of goal setting, Frank and Geneviève will explain how we use the OKR framework as a tool, framework, and discipline to create the link between the organizational strategy and the execution toward results and success. OKRs ensure the whole organization is focused on achieving the same goal, on what matters most. OKRs are an effective, simple, and easy way to bridge your strategy with execution. Geneviève and Frank will also dig deeper into the matter of KPIs and OKRS and what the difference is.

Whether you are entirely new to OKRs or whether you are looking for inspiration to take your OKRs process to the next level, you will undoubtedly gain interesting takeaways from this interactive introduction and the second part of the evening.

Mediahuis case study

Next, Stijn Vercamer and Sarah Faict from Mediahuis will kick off the second part of the evening and take you along the OKR journey at Mediahuis. They will explain in detail how they implemented OKRs in their organization. Which pitfalls did they fall into, which successes did they achieve, and what lessons have they learned so far?

Their reason for working with OKRs was that they needed to measure their progress in a more transparent matter and establish a framework in the broader organization. Their business objectives are now co-created with key stakeholders allowing them to work together effectively on shared and aligned objectives. 

Of course, this is an ongoing journey, and there will always be room for further improvement. But as they work together on becoming better, they are able to tackle their challenges quicker and more effectively.

Become inspired by their insights into what works and what doesn’t, relate it to your own struggles and challenges, and take it to your own organization.

Questions anyone?

After that, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions and discuss your struggles with the group to get inspired by their view during our very interactive Q&A, followed by a well-deserved drink to end the evening.

Agenda for the evening:

18:00 the evening starts with welcoming refreshments

18:30 Interactive introduction by Geneviève and Frank: Introduction to OKRs

19:15: small break

19:30 Case study at Mediahuis by Stijn Vercamer and Sarah Faict

20:15 Interactive Q & A and wrap up of the evening with a drink and the opportunity to network

Are you curious about OKRs? Do you want to learn from others how they improved their OKR process? Join this free session and allow yourself to be inspired!

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