Agile Kitchen: ‘Long-term Agile Growth: myth or reality?’

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September 04 @ 18:00
SD Worx – Antwerpen

Agile Kitchen: ‘Long-term Agile Growth: myth or reality?’

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The Agile Kitchen session that will help you realize real long-term agile growth with a practical and efficient tool for you and your team.

Are you fed up with running behind the facts? Are you tired of only obtaining short-term quick fixes with no real impact together with your team? Do you feel ready to step away from low-impact growth?

Then join our free Agile Kitchen session on long-term Agile Growth on September 4th at the beautiful offices of SD Worx in Antwerp! During this session, iLean’s Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse and Philippe Vandessel will hand you a very practical and efficient tool to achieve structural change and efficient growth with your team.

A different perspective on retrospectives

Philippe and Frederik will offer you a different perspective on team growth and help you steer away from a reactive way of working toward a proactive way of working.

In retrospectives, quite often, the same problems keep resurfacing over and over again because they are rarely structurally addressed.

In a proactive approach, we reflect on where we want to go with the team in the long term. What is a better version of the team? What is the long-term goal for the team, and what is needed to get there?

All that said and done, Frederik and Philippe will give you exactly what you need to achieve this more proactive way of working, namely a very concrete and applicable 9-step plan: the Team Growth Canvas.

Putting it into practice

During this session, you will get to work with the Team Growth Canvas and have the opportunity to reflect in smaller groups and share knowledge with your peers.

You will have the chance to ask your questions and discuss any concerns so that you can get to work to help your team with structural growth.

Go for long-term Agile growth, get to know our tool, and claim your seat today!

Agenda for the evening:

18:00: the evening starts with sandwiches and drink
18:30: interactive session with Frederik & Philippe
20:00: wrap up of the evening with a drink and the opportunity to network

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June 24 @ 18:00
Spoor 18 - English

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