Agile Kitchen: From disconnection to co-creation with the customer: how Systems Thinking can help you address wicked challenges.

It’s simple: iLean’s Agile Kitchen is about Agile and people! Every 6 weeks we gather around one or more Agile topics for interactive learning sessions and knowledge sharing. Check out the different sessions below:

February 15 @ 18:30

Agile Kitchen: From disconnection to co-creation with the customer: how Systems Thinking can help you address wicked challenges.

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It’s the first Agile Kitchen of the year! And we start with a joint effort of iLean and Paù, as this edition will center around Systems Thinking and will take place in Paù’s headquarters. 

Join us on Thursday February 15th to learn more about applying holistic systems thinking to specific business cases by managing partners Kris Philippaerts and Vincent Vanderheeren. Accompanying us from Pàu with a real-life use case to demonstrate, is Craft CMS Development Team Lead Michael Thomas and Strategy Lead Matthijs Rubberecht.

What can you expect? 

Unsink a ship – the birth of team Loki*
After a short introduction, Michael will present a case study from Pàu, showcasing their journey in overcoming a series of challenges with “team Loki.” They helped a client navigate through issues such as frequent stakeholder changes, shifting visions, limited technical knowledge, a loss of focus on priorities, and overall demotivation. Discover their approach and the strategies they employed in this engaging session. 

*loki = builder of ships

Finding leverage for change 
After this real-life case, our managing partners Kris Philippaerts and Vincent Vanderheeren delve into Systems Thinking and how this holistic approach can save your organization. 😉 
After a quick introduction, we will explore the application of Causal Loop Diagrams as a tool to navigate the complexities of implementing Agile change in organizations – using Pàu’s case as a real-life example for this exercise. 

By gaining a deeper insight into the dynamic forces shaping certain situations, you’ll uncover potential areas for continuous improvement. 

Rather than aiming for a perfect solution, you should focus on transitioning from a linear problem-solving approach to a systemic one, which is more effective in complex environments with fewer information resources. 

The goal?
Facilitating meaningful dialogues among participants! By engaging in conversations encompassing diverse viewpoints, you will better understand the challenges you face in the organization, ultimately leading to stronger improvements. 

Can’t wait for this Agile Kitchen? Check out our blog on strategic versus tactical agility. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • System Thinking and Causal Loop Diagrams to navigate Agile change 
  • Have a deeper understanding of real impactful change 
  • Hands-on tips to facilitate Agile Change from real-life case  

Questions anyone? 

After the session, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions and discuss your struggles with the group and the facilitators during our Q&A, followed by well-deserved food & drinks to end the evening. 

Agenda for the evening: 

18:30 The evening starts with appetizers and drinks 
18:45 Introduction, Pàu use case and iLean systems thinking workshop 
20:30 Q&A and wrap-up of the evening with some food and drinks, and the opportunity to network 

Frankrijklei 115,2000 Antwerpen 

Pàu Office is 1,2 km from Antwerp Central Train Station and reachable by public transport. 
Paid underground parking at Nationale Bank. Other options see 
! Beware this is Antwerp Low Emission Zone !

Other dates for this training

June 24 @ 18:00
Spoor 18 - English

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