Agile Kitchen: Breaking the Silos on inclusion

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February 28 @ 18:00
Spoor 18

Agile Kitchen: Breaking the Silos on inclusion

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On February 28th our Agile Kitchen will be welcoming Breaking the Silos for an exciting session at Spoor 18.
Breaking the Silos’ goal is to build a community of like-minded organizations, leaders, and people who want to break siloed thinking within Belgian tech companies and improve collaboration by:

  • enlightening companies to choose sustainable solutions for problems over short-term fixes
  • inspiring companies to embrace change in their market and in society as a whole
  • building a safe and inclusive work environment for all people involved
  • showcasing the advantages and success stories of breaking siloed thinking.

This session will focus on inclusion in tech companies and we are very enthusiastic to welcome no less than 4 speakers to the stage!

What to expect?

You will discover new strategies to foster diversity, equity, and belonging in your organization, hear from industry experts, and connect with like-minded individuals from the community.


Rein Meirte

First off we will have Rein Meirte, founder of Clusity (Pronouns: she/her/hers) to kick off the evening. Rein will dig deeper into the question ‘Do we need more women in tech?’.

Women only represent 17% of people working in the tech industry, yet women make up 51% of our society. During her talk, she will dig deeper into this ratio, explain why we need to work on it, and the importance of the things you can do.

Khadija Rejdy

Next up is Khadija Rejdy (pronouns: she/her/hers), founder and people and culture expert of UPOP, a scale-up that prepares companies for the future of work by creating diverse, inclusive, and sustainable workplaces. Their expertise lies in diversity and inclusion, talent management, and organizational development. In the last ten years, she has been able to work with international organizations, governments, and companies from the profit and non-profit sectors at home and abroad. Khadija also has a rich academic background as both a pedagogue and a commercial engineer.

Khadija will talk about ‘Cracking the code of the future of work’. She will explain how investing in a human business is the way forward for every company and sector. She will share some good cases, share UPOP’s framework of Inclusive Diversity, and explain how companies that want to invest in cracking the code of the future of work can use it.

Nele Van Beveren

Our third speaker is Nele Van Beveren (pronouns: she/her/hers) from Dwengo. Nele is a Computer Science Engineer and Agile enthusiast with experience in business and IT. In her different IT functions, her focus has always been on good team collaboration.

Nele wants to use technology for social benefit. Currently, she’s the technology team lead at Lifepowr, a tech scale-up that enables people to contribute to the balance of electricity networks and maximizes the return on their investment in e.g. solar panels, home batteries, and EV charge points.

Nele wants to help all youngsters be prepared to co-create the future world, making use of technology in a decent way. She’s actively spreading her tech enthusiasm. Together with other finalists and with Dwengo vzw, she founded WeGoSTEM, an initiative that enables thousands of children to immerse themselves in STEM by building an art robot in the classroom. As lead coach of the local CoderDojo, she inspires the coaches and children to experiment at the local dojo and at home. Passionate about diversity and inclusion in tech, Nele launched “The Ada Talks”, an event for (wo)men in tech, with speakers from this field. About their jobs and the challenges they encounter.

During her part of the session, Nele will talk about ‘Inclusion from the start’

Nele will explain why attention to diversity and inclusion is important from the start and how we can deal with this. Because diversity and inclusion in technology start from childhood. Nele tells a personal story about being one of the few girls in her technical studies, and how this grew into a commitment to bring technology to 2 groups that are under-represented in technology: girls and underprivileged children. Discover together with Nele how we can make a difference together.

Matthias Nauwelaers

Last but not least, Matthias Nauwelaers (pronouns: he/him/his) will take the stage. Matthias is an organizational and performance psychologist and works as Talent Business Partner at imec, where he mainly focuses on DEI (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion), Leadership Development, and Onboarding. He has been working in Talent Development for 10 years.

His talk will focus on “Everything starts with Listening”

Every effort to make a company more inclusive and foster a sense of belonging starts with listening. At imec, our connected.minds process forms the basis for our DEI roadmap. Supported by a grassroots movement, inclusion at imec has come a long way, but still has many hurdles to overcome. Matthias will share his insights and inspire you to take these with you to make a difference.

We warmly invite you to this inspiring Agile Kitchen and we aim to organize an event that is as inclusive as possible. So if you have any questions, suggestions, or additional requirements, please provide them to us via!

Also, note that we enforce the Breaking the Silos code of conduct throughout the event.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to our Agile Kitchen!

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18u00: doors open
18u30: Start of the session (introduction Breaking the Silos & AgileKitchen)
18u45: “Do we need more women in tech?” by Rein Meirte (Clusity) + 5 min Q&A
19u05: “Cracking the code of the future of work” by Khadija Rejdy (UPOP) + 5 min
19u35: pauze
19u55: “Inclusion from the start” by Nele Van Beveren (Dwengo) + 5 min Q&A
20u15: “Everything starts with Listening” by Matthias Nauwelaers (imec) + 5 min Q&A
20u40: Closing words
22u00: End of the session

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