Agile Kitchen: ‘Lightning Decision Jam’

Agile Kitchen: ‘Lightning Decision Jam’

Agile Kitchen: ‘Lightning Decision Jam’

Monday November 6th | 18.00h – 20.00h
Spoor 18, Mechelen

Join us for another Agile Kitchen on November 6th to discover the power of Lightning Decision Jams. We’re teaming up again with Mediahuis as their innovation manager Heino Schaght will lead this interactive session. He will elaborate on this nifty technique that he’s been using at Mediahuis since 2017.

What can you expect?

The Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ) is an exercise created by AJ&Smart, that allows any company to quickly identify problems and challenges and ideate on solutions. The LDJ exercise allows you to unravel this in only one hour, giving teams the chance to work efficiently and agile. 

Since Heino introduced Lightning Decision Jam in 2017 at Mediahuis, it has only become more popular so it’s time to dive in a little deeper!

You should follow this Agile Kitchen if you:

  • struggle with unclear goals and miscommunication in your team.
  • want to structure meetings where everyone’s aligned.
  • want to facilitate more ideas, clearer decisions, and better outcomes.

What you’ll learn:

After a short introduction, Heino will show you how to implement the LDJ technique.

In the interactive part of the evening, you’ll discover how to run your own LDJ session easily by using the the LDJ facilitator guide. In doing so, we’re taking into account the principles of LDJ’s:

1. Getting started is more important than being right
2. We work together, alone.
3. Don’t rely on creativity: good ideas can come from anywhere.
4. Tangible beats abstract

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Questions anyone?

After the session, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions and discuss your struggles with the group to get inspired by their view during our very interactive Q&A, followed by a well-deserved drink to end the evening.

Agenda for the evening:

18:00 The evening starts with sandwiches and drinks
18:30 Interactive session on Lightning Decision Jam by Heino Schaght (Mediahuis)
20:00 Q&A and wrap up of the evening with a drink and the opportunity to network

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