We provide support for organizations aiming to enhance agility within their operations. Recognizing that every organization is unique, we tailor our approach, whether the focus is on a single team, multiple teams, or the entire organization. We collaborate with you to develop a customized change strategy that meets your specific needs, drawing from a carefully curated selection of our services.

What we offer

For Teams

Agile Team Coaching

Our highly experienced Agile coaches can act as catalysts during the initial phase of the change process. They will support the transition and tailor their input to meet the specific needs required to maximize the change’s success.

  • Assess your team, know where you are
  • Coaching the team in their continuous improvement

Basic team training

In our basic team training, we blend a solid theoretical foundation with an inspiring kickoff to the team’s journey.

  • Scrum team training
  • Product Owner training
  • Kanban team training

Agile Team Coach / Scrum Master learning path

We can provide the team coaches with a long-term learning journey throughout the change process, inspiring them to grow as leaders within their teams.

Available modules:

  • Design Agile Teams
  • Focus on Trust and Motivation
  • Team Flow
  • Get a grip on Predictability
  • Facilitate Events for Impact
  • Visual Facilitation
  • Training from the back of the room

Agile Organization guidance

Agile Organization coaching

Agile change requires strong leadership from within the organization. Our organizational coaches bring extensive experience to support the leadership in developing strategies and aiding in execution.

  • Assess your organization, know where you are
  • Coaching the leadership team during the Agile change

Basic leadership training

  • Business Agility keynote
  • Agile Awareness

Agile Leader learning path

We can provide agile leaders a long-term learning journey throughout the change process.

  • Focusing on motivation
  • Goalsetting with OKR’s
  • The Fundamentals of Scaling Agile Teams
  • Navigating Complexity with Systems Thinking

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