Think in Systems, Act Agile – leverage for Agile change

Clarify which challenges are priorities, how they reinforce each other, and what levers you have. Free inhouse Agile workshop in your organization. Intended for organizations with more than 3 teams. Only 2 per month available.

You face challenges …

… and you think Agile is the answer. Because you heard about it or already started using it. But how do you meet those challenges with Agile? No idea. You know too little about Agile, or the challenges are too complex.

In other words, something to do with the forest and the trees.

What if you:

  • knew exactly which challenges are priorities?
  • saw how they reinforce and sustain each other?
  • gain insight into powerful levers to tackle them?
  • succeed in turning these challenges into opportunities?
  • could lay the foundation of your Agile implementation plan?

Sounds excessive for a free 2-hour workshop in your organization? Wait and see.

How do we get started?

  1. Make the shift from linear to circular or systems thinking. Look at your context and challenges with new eyes. See how they interact. Identify blind spots. Discover where opportunities lie. Finally clarity!
  2. Have a dialogue with each other about your challenges and how you see them now. Experience how you develop a common language and how easy it suddenly is to prioritize and assess impacts together.
  3. Hit the bridge to Agile: why did it (not) work for your challenges? And how do you lay the foundation for an Agile change roadmap that allows you to address obstacles now and anticipate on them in the future?

Why should you book this inhouse workshop?

  1. Go straight to the core | Vincent and Kris are the business owners of iLean, have +35 years of Agile field experience together, and have already been in many, very diverse companies. So they know exactly how to use Agile to solve complex problems. With you, too.
  2. Avoid self-sabotage | Agile is an enormously powerful change tool if applied correctly. Otherwise, it is an equally powerful sabotage tool that can do much damage. We know the pitfalls and will help you lay the foundation for Agile success.
  3. It’s free | if you book one of the two monthly inhouse workshops, at least. Why do we do them for free? Because we want to lower the threshold for creating Agile impact. And make you discover how powerful Agile is.

Let’s get practical

Think in Systems, Act Agile is intended for organizations with more than 3 teams for maximum added value. We aim for 2 to 6 participants. The workshop takes place in your organization, in Dutch or English.

Every month we organize 2 timeslots for free inhouse workshops.

Check this month’s timeslots

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Join the waiting list or invest €1.250 excl. VAT and choose your date.

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