Train your organization

Goal Setting with OKRs

Learn to set the organization, product, and team goals that make the desired change possible.

Every agile team and transformation can benefit from the capability of goal setting. We use the OKR framework as a tool, framework, and discipline to create the link between the organizational strategy and the execution toward results and success. OKRs ensure the whole organization is focused on achieving the same goal, on what matters most. OKRs are an effective, simple, and easy way to bridge your strategy with execution. They articulate your agile strategy into short-term goals to be achieved that drive the work to be done. They keep big plans honest and executed.  

When done right you: 

  • Focus and commit to priorities  
  • Align and connect to teamwork 
  • Stretch for amazing 
  • Track for accountability 

You can only do one big thing at a time really well, so you better know what that one thing is“  

John Doerr

This training is for Management, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Team coaches, Team Leads, Team Managers, and Product Managers,… 

Topics covered 

  • What is an OKR and how to set moving objectives 
  • OKR Framework 
  • OKR cycle 
  • Committed vs Aspirational OKRs 
  • Outcome vs. Output 
  • Balancing the key results (Efficient vs. Effective) 
  • What is success? 


  • Max 16 participants 
  • Live
  • 1 day