Goal Setting with OKRs

Develop an initial OKR draft, continuously improve it, avoid pitfalls, and engage your Agile team. Unique in-house training for organizations already working with Agile.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to approach business objectives in an Agile way, focusing less on features and more on outcomes. Unfortunately, the capabilities are lacking.
  • How do you get started with transitioning from an overarching strategy to goals that everyone can rally behind, measure, and track progress on?
  • You’re already working with OKRs, but it’s not going as smoothly as it should. Time to reboot with your team or organization.

Just imagine:

  • You develop a first draft of an OKR that you will work with.
  • You know how to experiment with it and continuously improve your OKRs.
  • You discover gaps, such as a lack of horizontal alignment, and address them.
  • You overcome resistance: your team recognizes the importance of OKRs.

These are the results achieved by participants in the ‘Goal Setting with OKRs’ training…

…and it doesn’t stop there: outcome-oriented thinking transforms your world. It broadens your horizons, presents alternatives, and stimulates your team’s creativity. They become more conscious of time and effort and proactively contribute to achieving goals. In the long run, OKRs help make choices and set priorities. It’s Agile at its best.

You can only do one big thing at a time really well, so you better know what that one thing is” – John Doerr

Here’s how we approach Goal Setting with OKRs:

  1. Set goals | First, we delve deeper until we understand exactly what you need and want to achieve. We tailor the training completely to your needs, both in terms of content and format, and provide the right timing between exercises and experiments.
  2. Build further | We assess what already exists and what’s missing to not only set goals but also achieve them. Responsibilities, roles, and structures are all covered. Expecting resistance? We take that into account.
  3. Continuously improve | During the debriefing, we check if all goals have been achieved and identify common pitfalls. We also provide a set of challenging questions to help you strengthen your OKRs.

What convinces participants?

Start immediately | Learning OKRs happens through practice, so we minimize the theory. You start where you currently stand and get takeaways relevant to your situation. We ensure that all essential insights are covered.

Look beyond OKRs | You already work with Agile, so you know that OKRs don’t exist in isolation. Our trainers – recognized in the Agile community – understand this too and tailor the training to your specific context and practices. Results are guaranteed!

Receive practical advice | Our trainers are the first (and possibly only) certified OKR practitioners in Belgium. They are so familiar with OKRs that they know exactly what is essential and what can be adapted to your situation. Minimum Viable Agility, indeed.

Let’s get practical

This live, 1-day in-house training is available in Dutch, English, or French. Max. 16 participants. Topics covered:

  • What is an OKR and how to set moving objectives 
  • OKR Framework and cycle 
  • Committed vs Aspirational OKRs 
  • Outcome vs. Output 
  • Balancing the key results (Efficient vs. Effective) 
  • What is success? 

Want to know more or schedule a meeting?

In an exploratory meeting, we check your expectations about Goal Setting with OKRs and think along with you. Is there a match? Then you’ll receive a clear offer.

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