Certified Scrum Master

Scrum is a framework to deliver products and projects at optimal cost while maximizing delivered business value. Although many organisations are experimenting with Scrum, only a few succeed in successfully implementing it and obtaining the real benefits.

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This certification course prepares you for a solid and successful implementation of Scrum in your team or organisation. You will get a deep understanding of the Scrum framework and understand how all elements fit together into one of the most powerful project management tools around.

We will discuss and practice the principles of Agile, Lean and Scrum that are vital in implementing Scrum in your specific context. By also exploring typical pitfalls and proven implementation approaches, your chances of successfully implementing Scrum are maximized by this course.

This course is designed to offer optimal learning for every participant, so it is not a typical classroom training. You will be engaged and invited to bring in your specific challenges and questions. We will combine theoretical concepts, practical experiences, exercises, games, discussions and real-life examples into a great learning experience. After this course, you will be ready to start implementing Scrum as a manager, ScrumMaster or team member. Or to boost your current Scrum implementation and the results of your team!This is the best classroom training I ever had in my professional life – on any subject! Thanks again.Ben C., Senior Director EngineeringAgenda


We will apply Scrum to run this course, so it will be fun and the content will be adapted to your specific needs. What we will definitely cover:

  • The Agile values, principles, culture and mindset
  • Complex systems and empirical approaches
  • The Scrum framework and all its elements
  • The Scrum roles and responsibilities
  • The Scrum meetings and how to facilitate them effectively
  • Servant leadership, facilitation and coaching skills
  • Initiation of Scrum projects, how to get started in an optimal way
  • Requirements in Scrum and managing the Product Backlog
  • Agile estimation and planning, tracking progress and value
  • The Agile Organisation: how to implement Scrum in your own organisation
  • Scaling Scrum and distributed Scrum (optional)


The main benefit of this top-quality course is the huge amount of new insights and practical ideas you will gain about implementing Scrum in the right way. Doing this will cause your product and projects to be delivered faster and at a higher quality! And it will boost innovation and the motivation of your people.

Next to the training, our offer also includes:

  • Lunch and coffee breaks (only for the classroom trainings)
  • Course documentation, checklists and further reading tips
  • Access to our experienced Scrum coaches to support you hands-on when implementing Scrum
  • A deck of Planning Poker Cards (only for the classroom trainings)
  • The Scrum Alliance certification test and the CSM certificate
  • A 2-year membership of the Scrum Alliance, providing access to very interesting Scrum resources
  • PDU credits needed for PMI certification

Target Audience

This course is valuable for everyone that wants to be successful at applying Scrum and/or that is pursuing the Certified ScrumMaster certificate or the PMI Agile Certification.

  • In terms of roles, this course will benefit everyone involved in Scrum projects: Scrum Masters, team members, engineers, project managers, product managers and line managers.
  • In terms of experience, this course does not require any previous knowledge or experience in Scrum. Both people new to Scrum as people with experience in Scrum will find great value in this training.
  • This course will be facilitated in the language indicated on top.


After attending this course, you will need to pass an online exam to receive the Certified ScrumMaster certificate from the Scrum Alliance. This test has 50 multiple choice questions on the topics that are discussed during the course. Our trainer will explain all details about the certification process and guide you to the necessary materials to prepare for the test.

Tiago Garcez

passionate about helping organizations implement change

  • Agile Coach 
  • Certified Scrum Trainer 
  • Active Agile community contributor 
  • 15 years Agile experience 
  • Experienced Product Owner and Scrum Master 

Are there prerequisites for following this training?

No, anyone can register for this training. We do recommend to have some basic knowledge and/or experience on the subject. For the Certified Scrum trainings, we ask you to read the Scrum guide before attending.

Can I use ‘KMO portefeuille’ for this training?

Yes, you can.
If you want to use ‘KMO-portefeuille’, you can indicate this during your registration.
We will give you further instructions afterwards.
On your part, it is important to also register this training on the ‘KMO Portefeuille’ platform.

Extra information due to Covid-19

As lockdowns around the world are being lifted, we are very happy to go back to in-person training. We are working on safety measures to ensure that the training stays dynamic while also being safe. At the same time, we understand the situation regarding Covid-19 is fluid and can change. We are therefore also ready to run this training in a live-online format if the circumstances demand it.

After you register, you will be informed on possible changes in the training format. You will have the opportunity to cancel or postpone your participation at no cost, in case of switching to the online training format.

How do I receive my certificate?

After attending a Certified Scrum Master course, you will receive an invitation to take an online exam with the Scrum Alliance. This test has 50 multiple choice questions on the topics that are discussed during the course. Our trainer will explain all details about the certification process and guide you to the necessary materials to prepare for the test.

After attending a Certified Scrum Product Owner course, you will receive your certification. You do not have to take an online exam for this certificate.

If you are following the A-CSM course:
After successfully completing this training, you receive the A-CSM certificate and your CSM certificate will be renewed for 2 years. Your CSM certificate needs to be active (or <90 days expired). If your certificate is expired with more than 90 days, you will have to reactivitate using your SUE’s and paying a fee.

For more information on this, we gladly refer you to the website of the Scrum Alliance (https://www.scrumalliance.org/ScrumRedesignDEVSite/media/ScrumAllianceMedia/Active%20Certification%20Benefits/FAQ_Renewals_v1-0.pdf?src=renewing-certifications).

How is this training different from any other Agile training? What can I expect?

Good question! Our goal is to maximise your learning experience. We achieve this by combining the teaching of theory with practical exercises. There will be no powerpoint presentations, but a lot of interaction, conversations and supporting visuals. All the created material will serve as documentation afterwards. Our trainers are all experienced coaches who are more than happy to share their insights and experiences.

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Certified Scrum Master


Language: English

To keep this event interactive, we allow a maximum of 4 participants.
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