Zombie Scrum, a Benign Hipster Trend of Dangerous Pandemic?

13 July 2022

On July 12th, our Agile Kitchen was bursting with activity again, as Johannes Schartau came to talk about Zombie Scrum during an online interactive session! But what is this Zombie Scrum? What have we learned in our Kitchen from Johannes, an Agile Coach, international speaker, complexity and integral thinker, Liberating Structures user, and Zombie Scrum […]

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The why, how and what of KLIMAKS

26 January 2022

If we had to summarise the Klimaks Development Masterclass in 1 quote, this would be it. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” – Not Aristotle, but Will Durant. The Why. Agile is all about sensing and discovering what it takes to win in your business, find […]

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