Agile Assessment for your Organization

Want to increase your focus on Agile? Our Agile Assessment maps out what is working well and what can be improved, provides inspiration for the next steps, and sets clear priorities.

Agile is already alive, but…

Whether you’re just starting, already working with Agile, or are an experienced user:  your teams are already working with Agile. However, you feel there is more potential. For example, because:

  • Your vision extends beyond what is currently happening on the floor. You want to strengthen this power with an independent benchmark. Where are you now, and what is possible?
  • You struggle with turnaround time, quality, priorities, customer satisfaction, initiative, etc. How did this happen, and what can you do about it?
  • You notice that Agile has grown organically, and different interpretations/versions are circulating. How can you get clear agreements and processes?


  • You know precisely what an Agile organization is and what it means for you.
  • Blind spots and opportunities for improvement are crystal clear and open for discussion.
  • You received confirmation of what is already working well and are excited to build on that.
  • You know where the priorities are to become a more Agile organization.
  • The dialogue about your goals and the path to get there has started. Support? Check.

We achieve these results with our Agile Assessment.

“As ICT manager of a Belgian social insurance fund, I worked with iLean to perform an Agile assessment in my department. I wanted to tune my operational strategy to an Agile way of working, and I wanted iLean to advise me in that process. The Agile assessment gave us a thorough overview and deeper insights into the enablers and pitfalls we had in our company to make Agile work. The assessment went much deeper than the processes on the surface and also dug into the aspects of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business impact. The assessment resulted in a set of applicable strategic elements I could use to craft my Agile strategy. After the assessment, we continued to work with iLean to train and coach our teams during the transformation towards an Agile way of working. The success of this approach led me to go through this process a second time when I became a senior manager at a big supply chain planning company, where we also assessed our way of working and used these insights, together with additional team and management trainings, to successfully transition towards a more Agile way of working.” – Dirk De Bast 

How our Agile Assessment works

  1. Clear focus | We always start with a management intake to gauge your expectations and strategy. We take this into account during the assessment.
  2. Broad picture | With interviews and observations, we question team members and track down mismatches that sabotage you—the goal: a broad picture from diverse perspectives to expose blind spots and golden opportunities.
  3. Competency check-up | During a workshop with our Agile competency map, we determine to what extent the Agile core competencies have been developed in your organization and teams. We also bridge the gap with your strategy.
  4. Action-oriented report | No abstract report, but experiments for each bottleneck and clear priorities. What should you tackle first, how do you do it, and what effect can you expect? Your strong points are also addressed.
  5. Next steps workshop | We review the report with decision-makers, share our perspectives, and answer your questions. Together, we discuss possible actions and decide on the next steps so that you can get started right away.

Why do customers choose our Agile Assessment?

  1. Go faster, broader, and deeper | Our 6 top Agile experts have +100 years of field experience combined and have already worked in numerous, very diverse companies. They quickly spot blind spots and see opportunities that will surprise you.
  2. Get practical tips | Forget the religious method preachers and empty buzzwords. We know the methods and core concepts inside and out, but we also consider your context and expectations—the result: a recognizable report and practical, logical tips.
  3. Take the next step | The Agile Assessment never stands alone for us. During the many discussions, we warm up your teams for the next step and work together on shared objectives and co-creation of solutions. This creates a positive vibe right away.

Tip: the Agile Assessment can be conducted in Dutch or English.

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