About us


Changing the way we look at work by ‘being the change’ ourselves and by helping organisations to become more effective and more humane. We support leaders who want their organisations to become a catalyst for the wellbeing and growth of their people and who want their organisations to become resilient and successful in a sustainable way. 

Our mission

Enabling healthy, no-nonsense Agility 

By helping organisations, teams, and people to develop the right organisational competencies in a sustainable way, we help them make sense of a growing amount of complexity, so that they stay relevant and create growth in our VUCA world. We do this by supporting business and operational leaders, agile (team) coaches, and teams to become a catalyst for business agility. 

Our approach

We guide you on your journey…

Developing business agility does not happen overnight. It’s a journey that requires change on all levels: leadership, organisational structures, team dynamics and individual mindset and behaviour. We will inspire you to start the journey, teach you the necessary skills and guide you along the way. 

Let’s join forces if you – just as we do – care about:


We look at Agile as a fundament for deep change. Based on fundamental principles and a conscious vision, organisational agile skills will drive companies to optimise and transform towards business agility. Therefore, we value the development of those organisational competencies over consultancy, so that the fundaments and principles get anchored within the organisation and can become the engine for sustainable growth


“Give me a lever long enough and I shall move the world”  

– Peter Senge, quoting Archimedes 
Through learning, we can reinvent ourselves. Things suddenly become possible. As the world changes faster than ever, organisations need to reinvent themselves frequently and relentlessly adapt in order to survive and thrive. This creates the need for learning mindsets in our organisations, a mindset that believes that challenges and failure are opportunities for growth.  
Agility is not about techniques or processes; it is about being able to learn. 


By developing the ability to learn, we help you to enable business agility. Business agility is defined as the capability to respond to market changes, while continuously deliver value to your stakeholders.  
Yes, agile teams. But only creating agile teams doesn’t make an agile business.  
We help you to develop the organisational competencies that support focusing on value creation, realising business impact, and unleashing the organisation’s full potential. 

The principles and practices from Agile and Lean are the foundations of our work.

Agile and lean principles and techniques have taught the world how to organise work effectively and frequently deliver value to delighted customers. And how to enable small, self-organising teams to continuously improve.

While 78% of all organisations are convinced that agile way-of-working is important, only 20% think they are doing Agile right! In fact, while many organisations see Agile as crucial to thrive in today’s markets, they are also using the techniques as an agile on/off switch completely ignorant of the profound change that is needed to ensure business agility.

We believe that when you see Agile as a fundament for deep change, it is the most powerful way to grow resilient, high-performing teams and organisations.

Besides Agile, we are also convinced that every person, team, or organisation is unique and requires a well-balanced approach. Therefore, we rely on many years of practical experience and carry a broad range of instruments. To name just a few: Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, Non-violent communication, Lencioni, complexity thinking, personal coaching, OKRs, and Theory U. 

What’s in it for you?

Effective value-delivery

Create high-performing teams that deliver customer value frequently.

Learning organisations

Assure that your organisation will adapt easily and from within to changing environments.

Agile competencies development 

Develop organisational agile competencies to unleash the true potential of your people, teams, and organisation.

Our Team

A team fueled by
passion & experience

We are proud of being a strong, skilled and passionate team of trainers and coaches. Many years of experience in different roles, change programs and organisations assure that we practice what we preach and deliver guidance that really fits your needs.