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Certified ScrumMaster

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22 May to 23 May
€1520.00 excl. VAT


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De Montil Affligem
Moortelstraat 8, 1790 Affligem


Jef Cumps

Jef Cumps is a very experienced coach and trainer supporting organisations in their transition towards more agility and happiness. He has been leading enterprise changes covering all levels (individual, teams, management, organisation).

As a trainer, Jef has gained a lot of experience in training various topics related to management, effectiveness, collaboration and (personal) development: Scrum, Lean, agility, Kanban, Teal, Sociocracy 3.0, communication, people management and effectiveness. Next to his knowledge and experience, his major asset is his coaching attitude getting the most out of people and organisations.

Since 2016, Jef is actively applying, studying and teaching Sociocracy 3.0 in different business contexts. He is one of the founders of iLean, a proud Thrive-in Collaboration associate and the author of the first (soon to be released) book on Sociocracy 3.0.

Bas Van der hoek

Bas van der Hoek is an enthusiastic agile coach and trainer. He has over 25 years of experience in software development, in sales and marketing, engineering, and management.

As a very pragmatic and hands-on coach, Bas has deep experience in helping large and small organisations to become more agile. He applies lean and agile principles to maximise value, and minimise waste, without sacrificing the human touch. He is also an active software developer with interests in test automation, and continuous delivery.

Bas makes training an enjoyable and inspiring experience, with a keen eye for both group and individual needs. He is a skilled presenter that can deliver complex context in a crisp and clear manner.

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