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Art of Hosting training

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27 Feb to 01 Mar
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€1700.00 excl. VAT


Oude Abdij van Drongen
Drongenplein 26-27, 9031 Drongen (Ghent)


Ria Baeck

Ria is passionate about ‘what else is possible?’ – or ‘there is always more potential to realise’. When we are grounded and centered, and engage with each other then novel ideas and projects can happen!

Samantha Slade

Samantha has been innovating in the realm of the future of work and collaboration for the past two decades in Quebec and internationally. Equally at ease navigating complexity or calling upon creativity, Samantha enjoys accompanying transformational processes, hosting co-creative initiatives (such as next stage business models) and driving IT projects that empower people. Samantha supports people in innovating their own solutions and growing their working culture, including shifts to self-management (Teal). Emergent process, design thinking, ethnography and a vast range of participatory approaches are her tools.

Nora Ganescu

Nora is an author, consultant and coach, specialising in organisational development. Her passion is people and she has dedicated her career helping companies and organisations creating better results with genuine participation and collaboration. She is always learning and exploring the “cutting edge” in this field. She is a practitioner of the next organisational paradigms that have self-organisation and wholeness at their center.
Nora is the author of 'THE CEO'S PLAYBOOK: turning the employees you have into the dream team you always wanted', a roadmap on the journey to the companies and the (better and saner) work worlds of the future.

An Baert

'Art of Hosting is the art of co-creating a context in which you and others can flourish', says An, who supports teams and organisations to deal better with resistance and growth in the presence of conflict or changes brought about by reorganisation, mergers, strategy shifts or innovation. She grew up in a no-nonsense nest of entrepreneurs, where small businesses sat around the kitchen table. An is also the author of “FROM THE INSIDE OUT, Five steps to accelerated and sustainable growth’ (Not yet translated: VAN BINNENUIT, Vijf stappen naar versnelde en duurzame groei) (2016).

Ivo Bols

Ivo is a passionate entrepreneur, heart and soul – so he loves to make a difference. With his motto “inner leadership leads to an unexpected flow of creative developments”, he inspires both his colleagues and other businesses to work autonomously. Are you ready for this flow manager?

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