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Summerschool - The managerial moment of thruth

How to increase the capacity of your team without cost? And turn a feedback moment into a mutual learning experience. (certified training)


Performance problems can throw you into a bind: "Should I tell the person what I really think about his performance or should I not hurt his feelings or say something that will demotivate him?”

Too often we think we have only one of two unpleasant choices: to have a difficult confrontation or to avoid addressing the situation. And ignoring the situation for too long will likely lead to an overreaction.

There is a better way: one that enables you to recognise reality as it is - early on - and effectively address those things that need adjustment.

The MMOT consists of four steps:

1. acknowledging present reality;

2. examining people’s thinking about how it got to be this way;

3. creating a plan for what needs to change;

4. establishing a feedback system to track the improvements

This technique enables the organisation to develop a culture of continuous improvement, ongoing learning, and increasing personal and team capacity without extra cost. Not to miss!


DateLocationTrainerLanguagePrice excl. VAT
30 AugJohan DecosterLanguage defined on site€295.00SubscribeMore info


Date: 30 Aug
Trainer: Johan Decoster
Language: Language defined on site
Price: €295.00 excl. VAT
SubscribeMore info