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Radical Collaboration Workshop

The Radical Collaboration workshop is a highly interactive training focused on skills that are essential to building and maintaining climates of trust and collaboration within teams and organizations. The skills are immediately useful and quickly implemented.


Radical Collaboration is developed by Jim Tamm and Ron Luyet. Jim Tamm, a former judge for the California state agency that oversees dispute resolution for public employees, and a consultant for many years, has long experience in handling conflict resolution, especially employment disputes. Ron Luyet is a licensed psychotherapist with long experience in building high-performance work teams and teaching conflict resolution and partnership-building skills.

Building successful collaborative relationships is key for every individual, team or organization that wants to maximize its full potential. When too many people in a team or company lack collaborative skills we call it a Red Zone environment, which is a very low trust, high blame, unsupportive place. People in the Red Zone are usually more defensive, cynical and suspicious. They are less open, so it is more difficult to solve problems. They avoid risk taking because if anything goes wrong someone will get blamed, so creativity suffers. Life is painful in the Red Zone. Red Zone behaviors and attitudes cost organizations a huge amount of money and lost productivity.

In Green Zone environments there is high trust, dialogue, honesty, mutual support, cooperation and shared vision. People are more open and honest and much better at problem solving because they are willing to deal openly with difficult issues. Creativity soars because people are willing to take risks. If something goes wrong, the discussion centers around what they can learn from the experience rather than who is to blame. Green zone environments help people to feel important, competent and respected. Research shows that in the long term, Green Zone companies outperform Red Zone companies!

This workshop is facilitated by Jim Tamm, the co-creator of Radical Collaboration and Malou Laureys. It is hosted by

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Target audience

This program is for all people who want to improve their collaborative skills and co-create a “green zone climate” in which to live and work.

The Radical Collaboration approach has been used in a wide range of applications in both public and private sectors: healthcare, heavy industry, military, higher education, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, electronics, public sector and NGOs.


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There are no available registration dates for this training. Feel free to contact us for a in-house training


There are no available registration dates for this training. Feel free to contact us for a in-house training

Learning Objectives

The workshop focuses on providing you with hands-on experiences to develop five essential skills for overcoming defensiveness and building successful relationships:

1. collaborative intention: Maintaining a non-defensive presence and making a conscious personal commitment to seeking mutual gains in your relationships.

2. truthfulness: Committing to both speak and listen to the truth, and the ability to create an open atmosphere where it feels safe enough to raise difficult issues.

3. self-accountability: Taking responsibility for the full range of choices you make, either through action or inaction, and taking responsibility for both the intended and unintended or unforeseen consequences of those choices.

4. self-awareness and awareness of others: Committing to know yourself deeply (your behavior, defense mechanisms, feelings, fears … especially in conflict situations) and showing a willingness to deal with difficult interpersonal issues.

5. solving problems and negotiating: Skillfully negotiating your way through the conflict, that is inevitable in any long-term relationship, using interest based problem solving approach in a cooperative atmosphere.