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OpenSpace Agility workshop (with certification)

Join this full-immersion, experiential course if you are seeking a rapid and lasting Agile adoption in your team or organisation!


OpenSpace Agility (OSA) is an awesome technique for getting a rapid and lasting Agile adoption. But it is much more than that. Is it a proven approach that helps you realise any culture shift, whether it is "the new way of working" or "self-organising teams" or becoming a "teal organisation".

Therefore, we are very happy to welcome Daniel Mezick, the founder of OpenSpace Agility, to help us discover and learn all about his approach during this two day OpenSpace Agility workshop.

Target audience

Who should attend this workshop:

  • Progressive leaders of organisations that want to rapid and lasting success with Agile adoption
  • Executives beginning to implement Agile across multiple teams
  • Executives with current Agile adoptions that are having problems
  • Managers, Coaches, and Team members who are participating in new or existing Agile adoption in their organisations
  • Anyone leader who wants to avoid the typical pitfalls of implementing Agile in their organisation


DateLocationTrainerLanguagePrice excl. VAT
There are no available registration dates for this training. Feel free to contact us for a in-house training


There are no available registration dates for this training. Feel free to contact us for a in-house training


Day 1: Open Space internals

  • Stories from Open Space (testimonials, why, ...)
  • Preparation for Open Space (roles, theme, authorities, psychology)
  • Delivering Open Space (logistics, facilitation, delivery, proceedings, ...)
  • Inspecting results and moving to action (publishing, leadership, formal and informal leaders, ...)
  • Advanced topics (sponsors, resistance, authority game, signal event, tool of progress, ...)
  • An Open Space toolkit (samples, check-lists, do's and dont's, resources, ...)

Day 2: OpenSpace Agility

  • Overview of organisations and social Systems: culture as a game
  • OpenSpace Agility theory: how OSA is based on game mechanics and cultural anthropology
  • OpenSpace Agility components: how the complete system for implementing a process change is composed
  • Open Space and high performance: how to have self-management release tremendous amounts of energy into the work
  • Results: exploring the OpenSpace Agility case studies
  • Summary of lessons learned: the experience of implementing OpenSpace Agility across a wide range of organisations
  • The OpenSpace Agility agile toolkit: everything needed to bring the dynamics of a rapid and lasting process change
  • Implementing OpenSpace Agility: getting and maintaining higher performance
  • Using OpenSpace Agility inside a troubled Agile adoption
  • Live simulation: Open Space
  • Summary and class retrospective

You can learn more about OpenSpace Agility here.

Learning Objectives

Successful Agile adoptions are powered by human engagement. Improvements in morale, productivity, quality & predictability follow. This course teaches how to achieve very high levels of engagement in your Agile adoption, leading to strong improvement in everything you are measuring.

During this course:

  • Participants gain an understanding of the cultural dynamics of adopting Agile
  • Students learn the OpenSpace Agility technique, a proven method for obtaining a rapid and lasting Agile adoption
  • Students learn how to rapidly implement Agile in service to creating a high-performance organisation
  • Executives, sponsors, coaches and team members learn how to create a rapid and lasting Agile adoption
  • Participants learn how to apply the OpenSpace Agility method to stabilise ongoing and troubled Agile adoptions
  • Students learn how to customise and tailor the flexible OpenSpace Agility method to fit their organisational context and circumstances

Take aways

After attending this course, every student receives:

  • The OpenSpace Agility certificate of completion
  • The OpenSpace Agility Handbook, a step-by-step guidance on how to execute an Agile Adoption using the OpenSpace Agility method. This book includes a tutorial, reference guide, Frequently Asked Questions, forms and checklist, and some of the earliest OpenSpace Agility case studies
  • 30 days of support for your OpenSpace Agility questions after the class
  • Listing as an OSA pro, on the web site.

The course provides everything you need to get going now with OpenSpace Agility!