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Liberating structures immersion workshop

Join and learn how to apply Liberating Structures to include and engage everyone!


When you feel included and engaged at work? Don't you think awesome collaboration leads to better results? And have you noticed the best ideas often come from unexpected sources?

Learning to use Liberating structures will enable you to make all of this happen. Liberating Structures are easy-to-learn microstructures that enhance collaboration and trust. You can think of them as 33 simple but very powerful exercises, formats or games. Each with its own purpose, but all aimed to help groups move forward effectively.

Liberating Structures quickly foster lively participation in groups of any size, making it possible to truly include and unleash everyone. They are a disruptive innovation that can replace more controlling or constraining approaches.

In this 2-day workshop, Liberating Structures (LS) inventor Keith McCandless and LS pioneer Fisher Qua will demonstrate these structures with the full participation of all attendees. Full participation means that attendees will experience first hand how LS make it easy to include and engage everybody no matter what the nature of the work or challenge is. And no matter how many people need to be included. Attendees will repeatedly see how LS give everybody the opportunity to work at the top of their intelligence and creativity.

Each workshop attendee will have many opportunities to discover how he/she can immediately make use of LS. Many lively examples will be shared to provide concrete inspiration. Every attendee will leave with at least one concrete application he/she can implement right away.

Immersion Workshops are designed to introduce participants to a large number of Liberating Structures very rapidly – it’s a fast “do one, do another one” method of learning. The purpose is to create awareness of the wide range of possibilities that Liberating Structures open up. Also, experiencing a large variety of structures demonstrates that there are many ways to address any particular challenge with one or a combination of LS.

Learning to use Liberating Structures is like learning a new language. First you learn individual words. Then you put them together into simple sentences and, pretty soon, you are stringing LS together and transforming the way you and your co-workers are working together and solving problems.

Disclaimer: if you are a student or part of a non-profit organisation and not able to pay the full course fee, we are happy to discuss specific discounts with you. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Liberating Structures: Simple, Subtle, Powerful from Liberating Structures on Vimeo.


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There are no available registration dates for this training. Feel free to contact us for a in-house training


There are no available registration dates for this training. Feel free to contact us for a in-house training