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Change Management Fundamentals

In this interactive training you will identify the most important reasons for resistance to change. Using a number of simple techniques, you will grow a better insight in the dynamics of change. During a real-life case simulation with the Changesetter (TM) simulator you will see the consequences of your decisions and learn how to deal with them more effectively.


All projects introduce change to your customers, users or your organization.

If you as a team leader, project manager or change manager want to engage people in your change, you must not underestimate the impact of these changes.

Whether it’s a new version of the tooling, another way of working or a new organizational culture…you want people to lean in and work constructively and with enthusiasm to make the project a success.

We all know it doesn’t always work that way. The proverbial resistance is bound to show up at some point in your project. When this happens the change or the project are in danger of not getting finished or not delivering the desired results.

During this highly interactive training you will learn what types of resistance there are, what causes this resistance and what you can do to work with it.

You will learn about the typical phases every change goes through and which type of leadership and management is required every step of the way.

Using simple and modular change management models you will gain insight in the fundamental change dynamics and you will get practical ready-to-use guidance.

After every block of theory you will apply what you learned managing a real life change case in our on-line simulator.


You will leave this training with a clear understanding of the process and dynamics of changes. You will be able to make well informed decisions in managing and leading your own changes.


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There are no available registration dates for this training. Feel free to contact us for a in-house training


There are no available registration dates for this training. Feel free to contact us for a in-house training


  • Change theory: Rick Maurer’s cycle of change, Kotter’s 8 steps, Adkar
  • Simulator: Manage a real change (round 1)
  • Resistance: Rick Maurers 3 levels of resistance
  • Simulator: Manage a real change (round 2)
  • Leadership and management during change: Daniel Goleman’s leadership styles, Leavitt’s diamond
  • Simulator: Manage a real change (round 3)
  • Open feedback, conclusions and wrap up


  • 08:30 Welcome with coffee and breakfast
  • 09:00 Start of the course
  • 17:00 End of the course