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Boost agility with S3!

Learn how to reinvent your team or organisation with Sociocracy 3.0!


Are you struggling with helping teams to become truly self-organising? Would you like to move away from the slow, bureaucratic power hierarchy in your organisation without ending up in chaos? Are you open for experimenting with new idea's to help people be more effective?

If so, then this session is for you. You will get to know Sociocracy 3.0 (S3) as pattern-based framework for happy, conscious and effective collaboration. S3 provides clear, actionable and proven patterns for self-organisation, decision making and structuring 'bossless' organisations. It helps organisations that wish to evolve to a more 'teal' approach and can be considered as a principle-focused, modular alternative to Holacracy.

This interactive workshop will combine basic background and theory about S3 with some practical experiments and exercises, to help you experience its dynamics. You will leave the room with a couple of concrete and practical idea's to try in your team or organisation!

Target audience

No upfront knowledge or experience is needed. Everyone can benefit from implementing the idea's from this workshop, whether you are part of a team that could collaborate more effectively, a manager wanting more happiness in his organisation or a consultant, coach or Scrum Master that helps organisations to increase agility. Join us to unlearn and learn! :-)


DateLocationTrainerLanguagePrice excl. VAT
20 SepKontich - BelgiumJef CumpsLanguage defined on siteFreeSubscribeMore info


Date: 20 Sep
Location: Kontich - Belgium
Trainer: Jef Cumps
Language: Language defined on site
Price: Free
SubscribeMore info