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Boost agility and effectiveness with S3!

Learn how to grow more effective, happy and agile teams with Sociocracy 3.0!


How successful is your team or organisation? How awesome is your collaboration? Are decisions being taking smoothly while tapping into the collective intelligence? Is everyone committed? How clear are agreements and expectations within your organisation?

If these questions resonate with you, join us for this 1-day training about Sociocracy 3.0!

Sociocracy 3.0, also known as S3, is a free, modular and principles-based practical guide for people wishing to collaborate more effectively and grow happy, humane organisations. S3 builds on sociocratic practices, integrating principles from Agile and Lean and providing a rich collection of practical patterns to choose from and adapt, according to unique context and needs.

Next to tapping into the collective intelligence within teams, S3 facilitates co-creativity, fosters transparency and guarantees the equivalence of all participants in decision-making. Short governance cycles make self-organisation and dynamic steering achievable both for teams and for the whole organisation. S3 acts as “social technology” for unlocking ownership, engagement and a sense of purpose while promoting respect, diversity and inclusion.

In this introduction course, you will learn to apply a set of practical, easy-to-use S3 patterns that are typically used by Agile teams to strengthen and improve self-organisation, decision making and alignment across teams. We will combine theory and practice to make sure you can put things into practice immediately after this course!

Target audience

Learning S3 is immediately beneficial for everyone who needs better collaboration and more effective decision-making in his or her team or organisation. Due to the alignment with Lean and Agile principles,more and more Scrum Masters and Agile coaches are pulling in S3 patterns to strengthen and deepen Kanban, Scrum or XP.

Scrum Coaching Retreat discount

For those attending the Scrum Coaching Retreat, a special discount applies. The course fee for retreat participants is € 575 excl VAT. Please indicate this in the 'Remarks' field when registering.

If you wish to participate in this course and the fee is beyond your means or the value you place on it, please contact us to explore how your attendance may still be possible. We strongly believe in S3 as one of many ways to help create a better world and we don't want money to be the reason for you not being able to join us.


DateLocationTrainerLanguagePrice excl. VAT
There are no available registration dates for this training. Feel free to contact us for a in-house training


There are no available registration dates for this training. Feel free to contact us for a in-house training

Learning Objectives

After this course, you will: 

  • understand the S3 principles and its main patterns
  • be able to make effective, consent-based decisions that are both fast and supported by everyone
  • know how to build strong self-organising teams around a shared purpose
  • have concrete ideas on how to structure collaboration and communication within and across teams